Odd Socks Talks

Eibhlin is available for Speaking Engagements.  Her style is humorous and insightful.   During her speaking engagements, she shares her personal insights that have helped her access new levels of focus, flow and creativity; insights she applies to her business and shares with others.   Her thought-provoking talks are based on the three Principles; mind, thought and consciousness.   

I used to make myself crazy with my over-thinking  and then I worked out that I didn’t have to do that any more

Global Inspiration Conference – Joshua Tree, June 2019

Title: Living in the flow - a workshop based on the Three Principles; Mind, Consciousness and Thought.  In her workshop, Eibhlin will share her understanding of living in the knowing. This uncomplicated way of living is based on the Three Principles; a genius way of living which we were all born with before thought and life and people got in the way.

Women in Finance Conference, Convention Centre Dublin – 12th and 13th September 2019

Title: Gut Throat Leadership – Leading from the Inside Out  - an exploration of the nature of thought and its impact on leadership.