Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Eibhlin has been coaching individuals and teams since 2006, when she first trained as a Personal and Executive Coach.

In 2018, she started working with Michael Neill, an internationally recognised coach to transform her coaching. Her coaching style is now transformational - not goal driven.

Many coaching programmes, trainings and self-help books, point us to what is wrong and show us how to “fix” the wrongs, and how to get out of the dips in life.

Transformational coaching shows you how to live without the dips by quietening the mind. It’s a new shift, a shift towards what is right and not what is wrong. Typical coaching relates future goals to the current situation. Transformational coaching starts with the future in mind allowing for a total transformation.  

Eibhlin provides Transformational Coaching for Individuals or groups. Her Coaching Programmes can be tailored to suit your employees and budget. All of the individual or group coaching Programmes described in this brochure are carried out using Eibhlin’s unique Transformational Coaching methodology.