Odd Socks Coaching

Eibhlin has been coaching individuals and teams since 2006, when she first trained as a Personal and Executive Coach.

In 2018, she started working with Michael Neill, an internationally recognised coach to transform her coaching. Her coaching style is now transformative - not goal driven. Odd Socks Coaching gets you out of your mind and thinking and into a whole new world.  It’s not about “Finding your Purpose” because purpose is not a “thing” outside of yourself.   It’s not the story you tell yourself about the past and it’s not a goal set in the future.  It is the feeling and intelligence that you tap into when you know you are in alignment with your inner knowing.  

Her coaching explores overthinking and the effects that it can have on our wellbeing, stress levels and ability to “get stuff done”.

Overthinking significantly impacts relationships (of all kinds) and our ability to listen.  We think we are experiencing reality but we are actually experiencing our thinking.

Imagine you interview a fish that lived in a bowl. When you are wrapping up – you asked him the simple question “what is it like living in water” and he said “what water?” ........

When we are living in the only life we know we just keep swimming around in our world; often the result of our thinking.  Opportunities present themselves and we keep swimming around. 

Eibhlin has been working with a number of international coaches from across the globe to develop new and fresh Odd Socks Coaching Solutions.

 Odd Socks coaching is more affordable and reaches out to a wider audience.   Our coaching solutions are designed to suit your budget; whether you are an individual or an organisation. We can use a combination of individual coaching and group coaching (Virtually through Zoom) to extend your budget across a wider audience.

 Odd Socks Coaching blends traditional coaching styles and programmes with the latest techniques.

 “Tell Me More” coaching is a unique format that focuses on a specific outcome and not the traditional made up thinking/what if scenarios that go with coaching and goals.  Its highly effective for one off situations.

With Double Coach, the client works with two coaches;   the two coaches explore the future outcome with the client observing.   The outcome is fast and effective.

Odd Socks Coach Pods provide transformative coaching for small groups.