Busy Solutions

Odd Socks Busy Solutions

Odd Socks has a range of Solutions that can be delivered on a one to one basis or in group format. The programmes explore the relationship between “busyness” and productivity and are designed to increase productivity over time.   This is not a Time Management course.   It’s a solution aimed at executives who want to increase their productivity in less time.

Busy is one of the most overused words in the English language.   We hide behind busy.  Busy can be a feeling, an excuse, boredom, lethargy, over-whelmed, uncertainty, confusion, a misunderstanding and a lack of communication.  It is often an avoidance technique.  People frequently rely on “busy” when they fail to deliver on a response or service.  

Meetings and e-mails leave us continually engaged in activity; leading us to the false conclusion that we are busy.  If we are always busy, the belief is that we must be productive.  A more practical definition of “productivity” is the ability to produce results; which has nothing to do with our level of activity, busyness, efficiency, effort, or stress. If we consistently produce quality results over time, we are productive; if we don’t, no matter how much time and effort we are putting into the task or job, we are not.